Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Comments From Behind the Fence - 1


There's been a lot of questions these past few months. The more personal ones I will answer in direct correspondence. My address is available for just that reason. For (hopefully) obvious reasons, I'm not going to discuss the specifics of my case here with anybody. Although, I will set one particularly viscous and blatant lie straight. Yes, this company - May December Publications - is named after the birth months of my three children; Ronni, Cody and Alexander. None of them play ANY part in my case.

One of the most common questions by the curious has been: What have you done for the last twelve years? That is the one I will address here.

When I arrived at prison I did a lot of soul-searching those first few days. It took a while to get a grip on where I was, I wont pretend otherwise. You get a lot of time with your thoughts in this environment.l The reality of it took a few days to sink in, but I remember the exact moment it happened. An inmate threw a half-gallon pitcher of feces, baby oil and urine on the tier's unit officer. I never in my life had witnessed anything like it.

A short time later, I enrolled in a cognitive skills program. A lot of people hate these programs in here because they force you to look inwards and see where you've been going wrong. The first eye-opener was during a block about communication in a healthy relationship. I found out that I was a bonafide asshole. I was the guy who NEVER said "I'm sorry." And that was the least of my deficiencies.

Upon graduation I was offered my first prison job as a facilitator in the Cognitive Skills Program. For almost the next two years I was immersed in Pathfinders, Breaking Barriers, and Cognitive Skills I, II, and III. During that time I came up with my Groundhog's Day theory:

Prison is a lot like the movie, Groundhog's Day. It is the same thing day in and day out. The same faces, conversations, meals. Nothing seems to change. You can fight it and gain nothing, or make the conscious choice to put your time to good use. I set two goals: get my Associates Degree and have three books written and ready for submission by my release date.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Questions about Todd


Whether you’ve heard it by now or not, there are a lot of things swirling around and I am here to put the record straight. In 1998 I was arrested and sentenced to a prison term charged with 3 counts of sex abuse 1 for 3 out of the 4 of my ex-wife’s children- over 5 years after I had divorced her and moved on, remarried, and had two sons and a daughter of my own. I am not here to tell you what to think, how to think, or to post any sort of defense. If you have any questions – send them. If you want out of the anthology – you are welcome to withdraw with no hard feelings.

Having never hidden any of this and in one case early on when dealing with another publisher, I let him know, through my wife, why I could not call him directly when we were dealing with an issue of one of my stories to be published in one of his anthologies. Since then it seems to have been a personal crusade by him and another author, for whatever reason, to attack and discredit me. I will not get into a war of words with either of these two. They are entitled to their opinion, but the bottom line is – they don’t know me from Adam. First things first, you can direct any and all of your anger and hatred at me that you would like, but leave my wife out of it. She has been the person who has helped me pursue this dream despite this handicap and stigma. Secondly, if you want to have nothing at all to do with me or MDP, I still wish you the best of luck in your endeavors. I am not going to get into a war of words with anyone. I’ve defended myself as much as I need to over the past 12 years.

The following has also bent sent to all contributors to the anthology of First Time Dead however all future contributors should read this. Whatever your decisions, I wish you well and have a happy holiday.

Todd Brown

May December Publications

PS. My release is June 8, 2011 for those who care, and I will be happy to take any phone calls from any and all of you on the 9th. And also, when you’ve dealt with “ME”, you have done so while I was on the phone with my wife.

direct inquires can be sent to
Todd Brown
2500 Westgate
Pendleton, Oregon 97801